Tarot and astrology readings

Please note that I am away from 4th to 13th May 2019 and will not be able to undertake any reading requests until after the 13th.  Thank you!


Need some insight into a problem or situation?  Having difficulty seeing the way ahead?  Looking for some guidance or inspiration in order to make changes? Drop your question into the alembic, and see it transformed into ‘gold’ through an in-depth tarot reading! 

I offer readings by e-mail, looking at where, what, and how you can change things and move forward in a way that suits YOU.

I prefer to do in-depth readings, using a minimum of 7 cards (depending on your question).  I may also use oracle cards, or runes... whatever comes out of my alembic on the day!   

I also offer shorter 3 card readings.

In addition, I offer what I call a 'combined' reading. This is predominantly a 7-card tarot reading, but I will also look at your birth chart and make links to what I see in the cards. This option requires your date, time, and place of birth so that I can draw up an accurate birth chart.

Payment through PayPal is accepted.  Once your payment has been received, we will discuss your question (via e-mail). Once we've agreed on the question, you will receive your reading within 2-3 days, in PDF format.

If you have any questions, please contact me at avcoals@gmail.com

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Reading types

I also offer face-to-face astrology consultations, so if you should find yourself in Somerset and would like a reading, I'd love to see you.  

I will need the date, TIME, and place of your birth - as well as an idea of the area you're interested in exploring - in advance of the consultation.

Hour-long readings are £60. Longer consultations are available by arrangement.  

Please contact me (avcoals@gmail.com) to book an astrological consultation, or for more information.