Sunday 3 April 2016

A second Flame in the Fire...

Moving on from the single spark of the Ace, today we look at the Two of Flames in the Margarete Petersen Tarot.

Two of Flames (trimmed): Margarete Petersen Tarot

Those colours are so fiery, yet the real ‘heat’ is contained within the rectangular boundary that’s seen in all the cards in this suit.  Within this boundary a couple embrace in the bottom right of this ‘furnace’. Two become one. In the bottom left is the Moon, the top right the Sun – another couple, one reflecting the other’s light. Margarete Petersen describes this as the ‘fire of intimacy’, where both forces remain single entities, holding what makes them individuals, while becoming part of a ‘greater whole’.  The passion of Mars in cardinal Fire sign Aries - can't get any more fiery than that!

Margarete Petersen Tarot, AGM-URANIA, 2004.


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