Wednesday 15 February 2017

Three-fold return - Margarete Petersen’s Nine of Coins

In Margarete Petersen’s Nine of Coins we see a woman meditating on a stone. Waves of light emanate from the stone, encompassing everything around it. My imagination sees a lone tree on the distant horizon.
Nine of Coins (trimmed):© Margarete Petersen Tarot

I usually see this as the card of fruition, being able to reap and enjoy the rewards of hard work – be it physical, mental, or spiritual. Venus in Virgo - enjoying the fruits of the  harvest. But it is the penultimate card, so there’s still something else to come; perhaps that’s why the woman in more traditional decks often looks (to me) thoughtful? The woman in the MP deck meditates on the stone; she might be giving thanks for all she has, but she might also be searching within to find out what’s still missing. Virgo - paying attention to detail!

Margarete Petersen’s Three of Coins was about starting something new, letting go of the old, and being aware of physical space. Co-operation on all levels (physical, social, emotional). In the Nine, we have the appreciation of all the hard work, and the abundance that it’s brought – three-fold return!

Ordinary stone,
Earth’s treasure trove; discover
Abundance within.

Margarete Petersen Tarot, AGM-URANIA/Deep Books. 2004. 

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