Monday 17 August 2015

Leo in the Druidcraft: The Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands is linked to the Mars in Leo, and the final ten days of the Sun’s passage through Leo (12th-22nd August).  Mars is associated with ‘masculine’ energy – drive, determination.   It’s sometimes described as war-like, Mars being the Roman god of war.  Here Mars joins forces with the strength and courage of Leo, the ‘heart’.  This is a battle that will be well-planned.  Again, like Jupiter in Leo in the Six of Wands, there’s a danger of arrogance – Leonine pride combined with Mars aggression.  But as long as that’s kept in check, Mars in Leo suggests initiative and drive, confidence and creative flair.  

Seven of Wands - Druidcraft (detail)
The Seven of Wands is often associated with the idea of fierce or stiff competition, and with keeping the momentum gained in the Six going.  After all that glory and acclaim, we can’t just sit back!  The Seven is about being ready to take on whatever comes next. That’s where the Mars in Leo energy comes in. We can draw on the Leonine daring and strength, allowing ourselves to take risks.  I think of the word ‘courage’ – of the French word for the heart (Leo), coeur, combined with Mars ‘rage’.  The phrase ‘take no prisoners’ comes to mind – there’s no room for compromise here.  There’s also an awareness of our fears, something else that comes through experience – perhaps through overcoming the obstacles in the Five of Wands.  

Can we see this Mars in Leo energy in the Druidcraft’s Seven of Wands?  Here we have a single figure, his back to us, defending his position from the invaders coming from below. He’s taking a stand, defending what he believes in – the thing that’s most important to him. He’s ready to do what’s necessary to protect this, the key word being ‘necessary’. The Seven of Wands is about doing what’s needed – so yes, I can see the astrological association here.

Druidcraft Tarot created by Philip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Will Worthington, published by Connections

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