Tuesday 4 August 2015

Leo in the Druidcraft: The Six of Wands

Following on from the Five of Wands, we have the Six of Wands, linked to Jupiter in Leo, and the middle ten days of Leo (approximately 2nd to 11th August).  We’re still looking at the Leonine ideals here, so it’s Jupiter that gives the Six a different ‘flavour’ from the Five.  Jupiter is about expansion, optimism, faith.  Jupiter, or Jove, was the king of the Roman gods, as well as being the god of the sky - and thunder.  The planet Jupiter is a giant ball of gas – think of a lot of hot air!  What do hot-air balloons do? They rise, they expand...

Jupiter in Leo gives us a sense of optimism, of being able to grow and expand, through creativity and a ‘joie de vivre’.  We’re free to express ourselves vibrantly and with exuberance.  We’re supported and encouraged, and can support and encourage others.  We may find we want to impress and be recognized by others, which gives us self-confidence.  We do need to be wary of allowing our faith in our own importance to become over-blown, though!

Six of Wands: Druidcraft Tarot (detail)
In the Six of Wands, we can feel this feeling of strength and achievement, of a victory or triumph. Victory that’s been gained fairly, though – not at the expense of others.  There’s no place for egotism or arrogance here – that’s the shadow side of Jupiter in Leo.  Leo gives us a place on centre stage, where the spotlight is on us and our achievement.  Jupiter brings the luck or good fortune - the ability to expand our fortune, perhaps - while Leo maintains the creative fire, as well as the public acclaim for the results of that creativity, and allows us to take pride on our accomplishment.

The image in the Six of Wands in the Druidcraft shows a victory march, coming home in triumph after a successful battle or foray.  The leader, the only figure on horseback, looks strong, a bird of prey on his arm.  So yes, there’s Jupiter in Leo here in being recognized for what’s been achieved – the triumph and the confidence that comes from being a leader, the ability to respond with courage and conviction – and to be our “authentic self”.

Druidcraft Tarot created by Philip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Will Worthington, published by Connections

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  1. I do like this version of the 6 of swords. He is very impressive but doesn't look as arrogant as some other versions BB