Wednesday 17 January 2018

New Moon in Capricorn

This morning saw the Capricorn New Moon (exact at 02:17, if anyone was up at that hour).

This is a great time for setting good, strong goals.  There’s a business-like quality to Capricorn, remember, and with it being an Earth sign, it’s practical and level-headed.  At the same time it’s also a Cardinal sign, so it’s not afraid to get things going, to start new enterprises. It’s also a good time to show leadership, if you find yourself in a situation where this would be useful. 

If we think about the mountain goat-aspect of Capricorn, we can see how this new moon could be a good time to be tenacious and determined when we meet obstacles standing in the way of us reaching ‘the top’ – whatever our objective happens to be. 

Capricorn also has links to time, through its rulership by Saturn.  We might consider long-term goals and objectives at this New Moon, as well as setting our intentions around business or career.  The Capricorn Full Moon falls on the 28th June, just after the Summer Solstice. What might we want to achieve in the next 6 months?

It’s also connected to integrity and reputation, so keep that in mind too! Remember, on the ‘shadow’ side this could appear as greed, in terms of material ambition.  

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