Tuesday 11 December 2012

Getting ready for 2013!

The Lovers
Alison (no, not me, but the creator of This Game of Thrones) has come up with another wonderful idea for looking at our lives through tarot.  Next year is a Lovers year (calculated by adding up the digits in 2013: 2+0+1+3=6), so she’s combining this with our own ‘year’ card (day and month of birth added to 2013) to find out more about our personal journey for the coming year.  As Alison’s blog is all about court cards, she suggests we pick two of these – one to indicate what will help, one to indicate what will hinder.

Great idea!  And as I've been working with the Haindl deck recently, after years of thinking about it, I'm using this today.

I was born on the 6th of May, so that gives me 6+5+2013=2024, which reduces to 8 (2+0+2+4).  Most, but not all, decks have Strength as card 8, so that suggests that I’m going to need to draw on my inner strength in order to make choices in the coming year - choices that may involve relationships, perhaps.  After an incredibly rocky ride on the Chariot in 2012, feeling out of control a lot of the time, I’m exhausted – definitely time to tap into, or perhaps build up, my reserve of strength!

I have to laugh when I see the figure in the card wrestling - or is she? - with a serpent - and me with my snake phobia!  Perhaps there's something about using  my strength to overcome my fears indicated here.

Daugher of the Cups in the North
The court card that will help me? The Daughter of Cups in the North, also known as the Princess of Cups.  This card reminds me of the importance of continuity in life – of tradition and family, and how that has made me who I am. She also reminds me to appreciate the simple things in life, not to mention nature and health.   So, in 2013 it will help if I look after my health, stay connected to my family, spend more time out in the beautiful countryside on my doorstep, and – last but definitely not least – spend more time on creative things (making time for my art at the top of the list!).  That, combined with my inner strength, will help me with the choices I’m going to face in the coming months.  Haindl has used Brigid to represent this court, which resonates with me.

Son of Stones in the West
And the court card that will hinder me? The Son of Stones in the West, aka the Prince of Stones.  Now that’s interesting. One thing that’s happened in 2012 is that my beliefs in a number of things, including the state of the environment, have been really shaken.  Chief Seattle, Haindl's choice for the image on this card, was a strong and vocal proponent of not only human rights but also those of animals and plants.  The Son of Stones tells me that giving into cynicism won’t help, because that way leads to despair. Already there, mate!  So I need to find a way to believe again... and that will take some strength.  Time to start dealing with that serpent....

All images from the Haindl Tarot by Hermann Haindl, published by U.S.Games Systems Inc.


  1. Ooh, making time for your art! Does that mean there's a chance we'll see your Tarot deck finally given birth to? :)

    1. That might be overly-ambitious - but something to aspire to, yes, why not?!