Monday 30 October 2023


Need some insight into a problem or situation?  Having difficulty seeing the way ahead?  Looking for some guidance or inspiration in order to make changes? Drop your question into the alembic, and see it transformed into ‘gold’ through an in-depth tarot reading! 

I offer readings by e-mail, looking at where, what, and how you can change things and move forward in a way that suits YOU. 
I offer:

- Three-card readings, which tend to be more of a 'snap-shot' of a situation, while still providing insight into what action could be taken, or what to avoid, for example. (UK £25/US$30).

- Seven-card readings, which allow for a more in-depth consideration. In the longer 7-card reading, I may also feel drawn to use oracle cards, or runes... whatever comes out of my alembic on the day! (UK£50/US$50)

To start the process, or if you have any questions, please send me a message. 
I will send you the details for payment once you've confirmed which type of reading you've chosen and sent me your question.
I take payment through PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal account - you will be able to pay with a credit card by following the links on the PayPal page (select 'Check-out without PayPal account').
Once your payment has been received, I will begin work on your reading.
You will receive your reading within 2-3 days, by email, in PDF format.