Thursday 15 February 2018

Aquarius New Moon - and a lunar eclipse!

Tonight sees a partial lunar eclipse (exact at 20:51). It’s not visible from the UK, but if you find yourself in the Antarctic or South America, or in the southern Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, you’ll be able to see it!

The Sun and Moon join each other in the final degrees of Aquarius (New Moon at 27°07, at 21:05), accompanied by Mercury.  Aquarius, as we’ve seen over the last month’s posts, is the innovator, the seeker of new ways forwards. The humanitarian, the inventor, the designer. Mercury in Aquarius can represent the scientist, the researcher, the investigative reporter, all of which might be coming to the fore now.  

You might want to go back and read about the Moon and Mercury in Aquarius in the tarot...

Jupiter, currently in the fixed Water sign of Scorpio, forms a square to this eclipse alignment. Squares represent conflict, or tension. In this case, we may find ourselves at odds with some of our thoughts and beliefs.  We may be challenged to question those beliefs - are they still valid? Is that what we really think – and why?  Are there any feelings of doubt or uncertainty that we need to consider?  Jupiter in Scorpio suggests that we may need to go deep within ourselves to explore any hidden or repressed feelings involved.

Any new intentions that we set around this time will be worth revisiting at the Aquarius Full Moon, which falls on the 27th July this year.  How much progress will we have made by then?

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